Dosage and Delivery Technique

Dosage and Delivery Technique Photo

There is a growing interest for diet-based prevention of several disorders through nutraceuticals, to say, for example, diabetes, coronary artery disease, cancer, obesity and many more. Nowadays most preferably the hydrophobic drugs are delivered through tablets, fluid, and capsules using nano-emulsion, micro-emulsion and liposomes. Apparently, the budding enthusiasm for disease prevention made functional foods and beverages to act as a vehicle for many nutraceuticals products such as bread, cheese, yogurt, etc. Bioavailability and bioactivity, emulsion, biopolymer-based Nano-delivery system, protective delivery system, liposomes.

  • Bio availability and Bio activity
  • Protective Delivery System
  • Biopolymer based Nano-delivery system
  • Liposomes

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