Encapsulation Trend of Nutraceuticals

Encapsulation Trend of Nutraceuticals Photo

The increasing trend on a healthy diet and natural functional foods products of Nutraceuticals advances the business case of encapsulation technique, since natural components like phytonutrients, nutraceuticals, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes are most unstable and reactive. The inclusion of certain functional additives in a given functional foods system and the processing and handling of nutraceuticals is linked with nutritional changes for delivering it in a healthy manner. The utmost subtlety of some nutraceuticals components causes significant loss of functional foods stability, poor absorption by GIT due to their low bioavailability, reducing product quality, low nutritional value and its overall acceptability of the nutraceuticals product. Therefore, some of these constraints can be conquered by encapsulating the nutraceuticals products which tend to enhance the stability and bioavailability. Factors like taste, color, nutrition, and preservation of the nutraceuticals products is followed as sub-tracks.

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