Nutraceuticals in Diabetes and Weight Management

Nutraceuticals in Diabetes and Weight Management Photo

Diabetes is on the rise. The prevalence of diabetes is steadily increasing worldwide. Overweight and obesity drives the global diabetes epidemic and has become a very serious threat to humankind health where the body cannot use sugar because of the complete or relative absence of insulin. There are relatively lots of chemical agents available to regulate and treat the diabetic patients, but the absolute recovery from diabetes hasn’t been yet recorded. Substitute to these synthetic agents, nutrients (soy and omega-3-fatty acid), and plants provide a potential origin of hypoglycaemic drugs which have been extensively used in several conventional systems of medicine to prevent diabetes. Patients would be happy to find an uncomplicated way to deal with the public health issues. Weight supplements which are used in the framework of medicine, physical fitness and also healthy diet refer to a growth or decline of the total body mass and can also be used to manage from the early stage of life. It includes marine bioactive supplements, probiotic supplements, dietary fiber, thermogenic ingredients, nutrition supplements and other herbal supplements. Capsaicin’s, catechins, probiotics, bioactive are followed as sub-tracks.

  • Thermogenic Ingredients
  • Nutrition Supplements
  • Potential Drug Interaction

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